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Archwell Products Warranty Agreement

Archwell Products Warranty Agreement

▓ This Agreement applies to all first level products only.

▓ The warranty period for the wear-resistant property of the products is 5 years. The products are guaranteed to be out of excessive wear (the average annual surface wear will not exceed .0025 ") under normal conditions of use.

▓ The warranty period for quality is 1 year, starting from the date of shipment.

▓ The products are warranted to be in accordance with the description in the contract and conform to the samples provided by the customers.

▓ The difference will be allowed if it is agreed by both the buyer and the seller.

▓ Installation and maintenance should be conducted according to the requirements of Archwell. Archwell will provide replacement without ge if therersquo;re qualities problems found before the installation and by identified.

▓ Archwell has the right to check the products of quality problems.

▓ The quality warranty does not include the loss of working hours.

▓ The quality warranty does not include the damages caused by improper maintenance and installation, and the damages caused by cuts, tears, punctures, soiling, discoloration, staining, or other abuse.

▓ The quality warranty does not sui to second quality products and the products with other standards/specifications.

▓ Claims within the warranty:

If the products are found to be defective, please immediately contact the dealer you purchased and submit the relevant information in writing. The dealer will firstly confirm the date of purchase of the product, and will contact the customer service personnel to carry out the product inspection and the related work.