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Q & A

  • 1. Q: What kind of adhesive you use for the rubber flooring installation
  • We recomm "Two-part (AB Compound) Epoxy Adhesive" for rubber flooring installation.
  • 2. Q: Can we use another kind of adhesive other than Archwell approved or used
  • Archwell will not guarantee the adhesion of its products when a non-approved adhesive is used.
  • 3. Q: Should we do adhesion test
  • Yes, adhesion test should be carried out before installation. This will help you to find out the compatibility between the flooring and the adhesive.
  • 4. Q: Is Archwell Rubber Stairtread totally slip-proof
  • Archwell Rubber Stairtread has a very good property of slip-resistance. However, it is not totally slip-proof.
  • 5. Q: What is the weight of the steel roller you used
  • Minimum 100lbs. steel roller.
  • 6. Q: Do I need to weld the rubber rolls or tiles
  • Archwell rubber rolls or tiles do not have to be welded. We just weld the seams in special cases or in areas with special requirements.
  • 7. Q: Do your products have any asbestos
  • No, all of our products are free of asbestos.